Marketing for Authors Weekly Roundup #3

For authors it can be very difficult trying to keep your online platform up-to-date and engaging whilst still trying to write the next book, juggle a day job and keep a family or home going. We recognize this so we thought we’d release a weekly roundup of all the latest advice to do with social media, email marketing, websites etc that we’ve come across during the last week.

If you’ve not already done so, join the Marketing For Authors Facebook Group where you can ask questions and see what other authors are doing.


Just how important is it to add a sense of urgency to you Facebook ads? Find out right now, don’t delay, the link is about to expire! lol

Using gifs in your Facebook ads could be a game changer. Find out how to make them and use the effectively.

A Facebook Messenger Bot is a pretty new but exciting tool to add to your social media promotion. What is it and how can you use it?

Anyone using Instagram to help market their books? Here’s something I found about Instagram that’s worth a read.

Some great tips here about how to make your social media management simpler and less time consuming.


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