ServicesImageEmailDeveloping a genuine email list of readers is essential for all future book releases – you have a ready made audience waiting to buy your book. We can help you grow your list.

Managing Your Email list:

We create a landing page to funnel traffic directed to your email list. We cultivate your list, automating your emails and developing a relationship between you and your subscribers, working with you to create a big noise when your next book is released.

Our package includes:

  • A Landing page that is integrated to your mailing list
  • Emails to your subscribers when required (up to 4 times per month)
  • List tidy ups to remove unresponsive subscribers and keep your mailing list account fees as low as possible
  • Manage enquiries on your behalf

Cost: $75 / month

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Mailing list automation

As soon as a subscriber joins your list they trigger an automation sequence of emails that are designed to create interaction and highlight additional products you have available. At the end of the sequence they’re invited to join you exclusive “Readers” list who will receive free copies of new books before they’re released with the aim of obtaining reviews early on.

We include:

  • Writing a sequence of emails (Up to 7)
  • Once you’ve approved them we add them to your mailing list account and set up the automation process
  • Set up a Readers list (if you don’t have one already)
  • Write a sequence of emails for the Readers list (Up to 3)
  • Once you’ve approve those we add them to your mailing list account and set up the automation process

Cost: $200

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