ServicesImageOnlinePresenceThe easiest way to find your audience, and for them to find you, is online. You have access to readers in almost every country in the world.


Every author needs a website. It is the center of all of their online presence. Whilst social media platforms come and go, your website remains constant. It is the place where your readers will go to to find out more about you and your books, and keeps them up to date about events, releases. Having a blog also keeps your website content up to date and expands the number of keywords associated with it, making it easily found on search engines.

Our website package is incredible value for money and includes:

  • Domain name for one year if it is available (or if you already own your domain name we will alter your DNS records so that it points to your new website)
  • WordPress theme
  • Unlimited pages
  • 2 Unique blog posts created by our content writer and tailored to your target audience
  • Blog integration to your Facebook and Twitter pages
  • 1 minute basic video trailer
  • Downloadable samples of your books (Max 4)
  • Electronic Press Kit
  • A separate landing page to gather email addresses (Integrated to your mailing list provider and personalized to match your website domain name)
  • All graphics required to construct the website

Total cost: $750

If you want alterations/improvements making to your existing website please get in touch. We will need to go into the background of your website and have a look to see what is possible with your current theme and will provide an individual quote.

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Monthly Website Maintenance and Blog writing

Free up your time to write your books and let us take care of your website and blog. We can maintain your website, adding pages and images when required as well as writing one blog post each week that is focused on your target audience, adding it to your website together with images for a monthly fee. Cost: $150 / month

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Landing Pages:

Simple single page landing pages have great success in focusing a reader into doing one thing – buying a book, or subscribing to an email list.

Our landing pages include:

  • Alteration of your DNS records to include a domain name that is associated with your existing website name Eg,
  • Single page promoting what you wish and featuring a sign up button
  • Integration of your landing page to your email provider
  • Additional “thank you” page once someone has subscribed, to upsell additional products.

Total cost: $50 per year

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