ServicesImageBookProductionWe can take your manuscript and prepare it for publication on many of the popular self publishing platforms including Amazon’s KDP, Createspace, Smashwords and Ingram.


Every book needs to be formatted correctly to make for a pleasant reading experience. Because eBooks are read on a variety of devices with different screen sizes and reader preferences, the text layout it often distorted unless correctly formatted. We take your MS Word document to produce whatever format and size you require, including:

eBook – (mobi and epub) Cost: $100

Soft and hardback sized interiors. Cost: $125

Package Promotion – kindle (mobi) + paperback interior: $175

We have experience with children’s picture books, textbooks as well as fiction and non fiction books. Please get in touch with us so we can discuss your requirements and provide an accurate quote.

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Cover Design:

First impressions count! We can give your book an eye catching professional cover for any book format you require including full sleeves, slip cases, eBook covers, audio book covers, and 3D box sets.

Custom book cover. Cost: $200

3D Box set images. Cost: $35 (using your existing cover art)

3D book image. Cost: $20 (using your existing cover art)

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Not everyone is confident when it comes to publishing their work online. We act on your behalf, taking your finished book and uploading all the relevant files from inside your own publishing account to whichever platform you prefer. You keep total control, we take no royalties, we just act on your behalf in the process of publishing your own work.

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