ServicesImageSocialMediaMost people who are on a Social Media platform log on every day to check for messages. They are categorized into interests and “likes,” use hashtags for topics or conversion or preferences and share interesting things to their friends. This is the quickest and most effective way to find your audience.

Banners and Graphics:

The large banner at the top of your social media page is the perfect place to advertise. We can create custom designed and sized images for your pages to give a professional image and help promote your book. Tell us what you want and where you want to use it and we’ll do the rest.

Social media banners. Cost: $25 each

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Social Media Management:

If managing your social media accounts is taking you away from writing your next novel, why not leave it to us. We can post content to your pages that is relevant to your audience, change your banners regularly and set up automated content posting. Develop a larger audience on social media that engages and interacts with you.

We will:

  • Add image dominant posts to your Facebook account every month
  • Change your Facebook and Twitter banners when required
  • Manage Facebook interaction – turning “likes” into followers and answering comments on your behalf
  • Add a feed to your Facebook page from an alternative website that posts information your followers will also be interested in
  • Connect your Twitter page to your Facebook page so all Facebook posts are also duplicated on Twitter
  • Coordinate with you and your writing schedule to highlight new releases

10 posts per month. Cost: $75 / month

20 posts per month. Cost: $125 / month


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