Bookfunnel v’s Instafreebie

This week Instafreebie announced the launch of an exciting new way to get free books directly onto the devices of readers. They’re in the final stages of creating an app for both Android and iOS that handles the entire process – no more sideloading. Great news for authors and readers.

Take a look at this video to see how it’s intended to work.

Instafreebie are looking for beta testers for the app. If you’re interested in helping, please fill in this Google Form: Once you’ve submitted the form Instafreebie will be in touch within a few days to give further instructions.

I’ve been trialing the app for the last two weeks and am very excited about it. I recommend you join the Beta team and get to know your way around the app, how it works, and take the opportunity to ask Ashley and her team at Instafreebie any questions you have, before it’s rolled out.

In a lot of ways the new app works very similar to bookfunnel:

  • Instead of directing readers who have requested your book on Instafreebie to bookfunnel to get it downloaded directly to their device, the app automatically does it for you. This makes it far easier and more streamlined for the reader. Happier readers=more receptive email subscribers.
  • By making the process simpler the number of unsubscribes directly after the giveaway should also be less.
  • For the reader: The app also acts like a library of Instafreebie books that is sortable and searchable.
  • For the author: The app reduces the need to direct the reader to a third party, but also means you get more time writing instead of answering technical emails from readers who don’t know how to get the book onto their device.
  • If you’re thinking this is going to be a costly extra, think again. It’s going to be included in all existing plans INCLUDING the free plan.
  • If you’re already using bookfunnel to store and supply your ARC and free promo books you’ll know that you’re limited by the number of downloads each month. Not so with the Instafreebie app – unlimited downloads. Quick price comparison – if you’re on the 501-5000 download plan on bookfunnel and pay monthly you will be able to save $120 per year – that’s 57 paid copies of a $2.99 kindle book – by using the Instafreebie app instead. For some authors that’s a lot of hard earned money they cannot afford to lose.

As always with Instafreebie you get the feeling that you’re part of a family. They have a team approach to their business and genuinely try to help and support authors. And this new app is another step forward in helping authors reach their audiences without the expense. Sign up to be a Beta tester and get to know the new Instafreebie app.

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