Marketing for Authors Weekly Roundup #1

For authors it can be very difficult trying to keep your online platform up-to-date and engaging whilst still trying to write the next book, juggle a day job and keep a family or home going. We recognize this so we thought we’d release a weekly roundup of all the latest advice to do with social media, email marketing, websites etc that we’ve come across during the last week.

If you’ve not already done so, join the Marketing For Authors Facebook Group where you can ask questions and see what other authors are doing.


More Facebook changes on the horizon – tests are currently ongoing with text and CTA buttons on pages, making them more prominent and clickable.

Facebook Groups and can linked to pages enabling you to comment directly from your page.

If you do Facebook advertising, here’s some useful things you can do from the Power Editor.

If you’re writing ad copy for your Facebook ad to promote your books, here’s some very useful advice.

Content is king – your social media is only as good as your content. But how do you make better content?

Images are far more successful at reaching your audience on social media. But where can you get images and which can you use?

How to use Instafreebie to get more exposure for your books and grow your mailing list.

If you’re struggling to get your emails opened, try working on your subject line to catch more attention.


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