A New Platform for a New Author (and all FREE)!

We’re very excited to be launching an exciting new author – Gavin Reese. Gavin is a real-life cop and writes authentic hard-boiled crime. We’ve been creating a whole new platform for Gavin to launch the first book in what will be a very exciting series. And it didn’t cost him a penny! Yes, you read that correctly.

Here’s a list of everything we did:

And it really didn’t cost Gavin anything.

Gavin took advantage of our unique Publishing Partnership service where we invest in your book in return for 50% of your royalties from that book. We take all the financial risk so you don’t have to but you get a professional book and online platform so your book can compete more effectively with all the other books that are out there. But it doesn’t stop there. Because we genuinely want to help you and your book succeed we even invest 50% of our own money into marketing once the book has been launched. Any author will tell you that continually marketing their book absorbs a lot of time and money when all they really want to do is write the next book. Not any more. We offer different options to help with your daily marketing that are subsidized by us, even including paying half your Facebook advertising fees.

Sound good? Take a look at our Publishing Partnership page and get in touch.

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