Steven Becker Hits the Charts AGAIN! (Ad Cost: ZERO)

Is it possible to gain solid amazon positions without spending money on advertising? Yes it is. And we’ve just done that for Steven Becker’s new thriller.

NDS client Steven Becker writes sea adventure thrillers, similar to Clive Cussler. We look after his online presence, design his book covers, managing his social media accounts and mailing list, and it’s always rewarding to see that every new release Steve does he manages to hit the Amazon charts with a bang. His fan base consistently grows and the hunger from readers for new books grows with it.

Yesterday he released the third book in his Will Service series. It’s not his most popular series but over the last few months we’ve worked closely with Steve to rebrand the books with new covers, revised interiors and a managed relaunch plan of the previous two books in the build up for the release of the new book, Dorado Duet.

So, after the first day of sales Dorado Duet has already broken the 2,000 barrier on and is sitting in the top 10 of three categories.


Reviews are also important – within 24 hours of release it’s already had 13 reviews in the US, a number which will increase over the next ten days due to the managed email campaign we’ve arranged.

Money spent on advertising – ZERO. All of this has been achieved by carefully tailoring the covers to the target audience, planning the relaunching of the previous two books, growing a solid online platform and following, and building an effective mailing list.

The book launched at $2.99, but will rise to the regular price of $4.99 48 hours after it’s release. If you like reading sea adventure books, download a copy of Dorado Duet today.


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