Free Branding Healthchecks

Every product you buy in the supermarket is part of a brand that you link feelings, emotions and history to. Every brand aspires to create positive reactions from potential buyers, and your books are no different. Every single thing you do and say on online, together with the images you use all help to form your brand – you!

Healthcheck Swingometer1Novel Design Studio offers authors and writers a FREE branding Healthcheck. This is a no obligation service – we just want to provide an unbiased opinion about your online presence, the appearance of your books and highlight areas you might want to improve on. Just supply the links to your social media and website, together with your amazon book pages and we’ll do the rest.

We will look over the links, images and content and provide you with a FREE report, together with suggestions for improvement, if there are any. You should receive your report within 24-48 hours and are typically between 3 – 5 pages long.

So, don’t be shy – complete the form on the right side of this page and let’s take a look…

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