Olivia Wild – Rebranded and Marketed for sales success

It’s been a busy year for us at Novel Design Studio but we’ve recently had some interesting new clients.

Profile Pic2Olivia Wild had just published her book and had thrown money at it to try and get it moving but not a lot was happening. This is a common problem we hear from authors. It’s not easy to get your book seen once it’s published. Initially we exchanged several emails giving her some advice but ultimately put together an action plan. SexTourist10Within two weeks we had created a new cover and title for the book that fitted the genre and would appeal to the target audience, created a brand new website, added four blog posts, a video trailer, as well as setting up social media pages (she had none), created a landing page, integrated it to a mailing list and set up some small, inexpensive ads. This was two weeks ago – already her facebook and twitter pages are followed by hundreds of people who had never heard of Olivia Wild before, and her mailing list increases by about 10 per day. It’s now standing at 123 subscribers. And sales – this first month of working with us, Olivia’s sales are on target for doubling all her previous sales combined.

Take a look at her website and Facebook page:



A website is the central hub to your online presence that remains even when social media sites like Facebook and Twitter come and go with popularity. If you would like to discuss ways to improve your online presence, just get in touch. We don’t charge for advice and are always interested to hear from new clients.

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