Judy Mastrangelo – Artist Website

Judy Web Creation PostWe have recently completed a new website for Artist and Author, Judy Mastrangelo. Her brief was to create a simple and clean website that would showcase her beautiful paintings as well as promote her rapidly expanding range of books. She also needed to be able to create “secret” pages that are only accessible to readers of her books that contain downloadable tutorials and activity sheets that compliment her books.

You can see what we have done, by visiting her site – www.judymastrangelo.com. It’s a simple wordpress theme that compartmentalizes the different sections of her work into portfolios. We have featured some of her upcoming work in a promotional slider at the top of the home page, as well as setting up a newsletter subscription option. Every feature of the website is maintained by us on a monthly basis so Judy doesn’t have to worry about anything, allowing her more time to paint and write. She plans to release several new books in 2015, so as we look after the site for her, we will automatically add new pages, images, featured articles, and “secret” pages when they are needed as well as manage her mailing list and design and distribute her newsletters.

You can see examples of other websites we have done – all different according to the brief.

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A website is the central hub to your online presence that remains even when social media sites like Facebook and Twitter come and go with popularity. If you would like to discuss ways to improve your online presence, just get in touch. We don’t charge for advice and are always interested to hear from new clients.

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